Tuesday, October 4, 2011


what life denies you,
you try, and
find in love,
what love denies you,
you try, and
seek in death,
when death defies you,
you walk, 'round
and 'round,
in a daze,

when snarls,
and growls,
forget to convey,
when tears, and
whimpers fail,
leaving a pile,
on that ground,
stomped on,
stepped on, or over,
kicked out, or about,
just remember,

you're not the first,
neither will you,
be the last,
we've all been there,
one way, or
another, everyone
goes about,
with a broken heart,
or temporarily mended,
but nobody wears,
it on their sleeve,

the salve,
is for you to find,
where, when, and
here, now, or
over that bridge,
are all,
your choice,
to find life, and
love, or simply
fade away.

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Witness said...

wow!this is great!