Tuesday, September 23, 2008


that pilling sweater?
those brown cords?
that book?
those shoes?
that smile?
those eyes?
the scar that your laughter seared?
the walks on the moonlit beach?
the trek to the mountain top?
those lazy afternoons?
and the stormy nights?
that embrace?
the love?
and that lust?
the want?
and the need?

I have none of those, left
to remember you by.

this is all there is,
this empty place.

these meaningless words, and
the mangled silence.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


there is no respite here,
crouched in the shadow of your words,
afraid to read ahead,
fearing the future,
actions imitate words,
reality thoughts,

mind read,
and read again,
bent, and

thoughts captured,
in black and white banality,
some gray,
abundant red,

and i sit here,
with the faint ringing of the distant bell,
foretelling, foreboding,
preserving, persevering,
this reality,
this fantasy,

this fantastic reality.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


this view of the past,
the elegy of opposites,
has run its course,
there being nothing left,
to view,
mourn …

i remain now,
as a clean slate,
yearning to be filled,
with memories,
only to turn around,
a decade from this place,
awaiting more, awaiting anew,

there is no new tune to this sad lyric,
no reason for one,
until there is no me,
looking to the past,
to you,
living that memorable failure,
that failed reality,

that beginning to this end.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


remember ?
that last april day,
a decade ago,
the end of an era,
the beginning of another ?

remember ?
that awkward fumbling,
rustling paper,
heart laid out,
like revealed ?

remember ?
that possibility of love,
at twilight,
with angry mosquitoes, and
averted eyes ?

remember ?
the like-love spurned,
that almost may day, to
an august beginning,
that never was ?

i don't,
but for that crumpled memory,
carefully smoothed over,
to a glossy reality.