Tuesday, February 19, 2008


what flapping wings brought about this deluge ?
of fear and pain and myriad emotions,
of anguish and anger,
and these tear stained eyes ...
that look at me so forlorn so lost,
seeking comfort, seeking love ...
unware of the impotence that I am,
unable to give,
unable to care,
love lies far beyond these simple few,
unknown, unseen, unbeknownst ...
like more expressive, although spurned ...
like is no love, like can be no love,
I only venture ...
this, me, my impotence ...


Monday, February 18, 2008


silence as oppressive as the night black,
glowing as one tarnished,
black thoughts and blacker words cower in reality,

actions, however have surpassed superlatives,
how ever ?, one wonders ...

supine, pliant words of activity,
vent to inactivity,
in a darkened shroud of non-chalance,

meaningless verbs and abused adjectives,
seek patronage in unbeknown actions,

silence becomes me.

as the darkened night clouds the clandestine,
the lover and the loved,
I plead umbrage in non-words,

silence is a gesture,
the gesture of the forgotten, unwanted, unloved,

eloquence of the dead..



scorn lies not..
in the greed imbued forlorn look..
mallice takes a new place , a new meaning..
these are but emotions..
banal and deprecating..

i hear a knock..
at the door..
could it be the much awaited happiness ?
maybe not..

hope as greed remains..
an infestation..

the knock persists..
and against will, wishful thinking persists..

'tis indeed happiness at my door..
alas she has the wrong address..



peace defies verbal design,
death offers oblivion...

from sorry sights and looks askance,
the perfect question and the non-answer.

life goes on,
memories fade,

denial rules while the mind seeks harmony,
priorities juxtaposed in time.

the end awaits,
perhaps around the corner.