Thursday, August 18, 2011


can i borrow your eyes,
just for today,
to see the world,
shimmer and sway,

can i borrow you lips,
just for today,
to talk beautifully,
to assure and allay,

can i borrow your ears,
just for today,
to always hear music,
where none may,

can i borrow your arms,
just for today,
to hold, to embrace, caress,
to chase fears, tears away,

can i borrow your legs,
just for today,
to walk and run, but mostly
to dance all day,

can i borrow your strength,
just for today,
to borrow nothing,
but to just find my way.

Friday, August 5, 2011


fragrance remains,
as aftermath of love,
this squalor,
the beginning of hate,


the temperature rose,
and melted fears away,
in great drowning waves,
of thunder and rain,

the filth washed away,
the hurt remained,
the sky bloomed,
while the mind faded away,

there is no place far away,
to hide from today,
this will always mark,
how i walked away.