Thursday, September 24, 2009


what role does angst play,
in this orchestrated end?,
what role does impudence?,

aware of the inevitable,
why ignore the obvious?,
end tonight, glory tomorrow?,

or until the dead rise,
in a funk of their own,
the day after?


Vishy said...

angst or impudence
end or glory
today or tomorrow
u gotta live?.. u gotta fight
unless sanity finds refuge
in the thoughtless actions...
in the reality...
in the funk of the dead

Greetings Ma' Lady! I've read a few of your verses and felt glad when the morbid muse was put to rest on 20th september. Sad to see her resurrected and rejuvenated.

Advice is always free to give... so here's some: you need to dress a wound and forget it for it to heal. fingering it... disecting it and hurting in experiencing every possible pain it can give will only make it larger. and so does ur thirst for more pain... it's like drug addiction. That's why u shud go the Indian way... "Gham ka saathi RUM" :-)


PS: Advice is free to give but there's a price in accepting it... a price only the receiver knows...

does it make sense at alll?

mysterious_malady said...

@ Vishy ... it's only morbid if you don't know what the muse is for/about. So you were glad when the muse was dead and there was going to be no more 'verse'?

It's funny that you came here with the possibility of more after the 20th !

Its the morbid that keeps us alive sometimes. And in some cases most times.