Monday, August 4, 2008


there's no saying,
how enchanted i was when,
i first heard you,
over the buzz, the cackle, and
the static.

the webs that,
your throaty laughter,
spun around my soul, with
those half said words,
those unfinished thoughts.

that i wished i could mimic,
i wish i could think,
i wish i could articulate.

all you are,
is but a distant dream,
a less than perfect memory,
a nightmare,
wrapped in years.

i wish that was all you were,
a memory,
a wish,
a nightmare,
but you are more.

you are that part of me,
which yearns for approval,
hope, love,
that part of me that betrays,
my vulnerability,
the need for love.

never more,
no more.

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